Yemen the victim of world silence

Written statement submitted by Khiam and SALAM to #HRC29

[26 May 2015]

Yemen the victim of world silence

Since the start of the Saudi aggressing and the continued blockade against the Yemeni population, humanitarian situation is deteriorating, effecting women, children, and the death numbers still on raise. The aggression continues targeting commercial, residential and public sectors and most of the Yemeni towns, preventing people from moving from one place to another, cutting the food and medical supply to a large part of Yemen, reports confirmed of large displacement movement been recorded from cities like Sa’adh where families left their houses by force in difficult situation where they found themselves without homes. Most of the attacks resulted in increase number victim and against citizens in (Sa’addah-AL-Hudidah-Hajah-Taiz- Sana’a),and it attacked hospitals ,mosques ,prisons ,telecom net ,electricity stations ,graveyards and historic castles in(Sa’addah ,Hajah .Taiz ,Zabeed ,and Sana’a At least 115 children have been killed and 172 injured in Yemen since the conflict began last month, according to the UN’s agency for the welfare of children. A spokesman from UNICEF said stated that at least 64 children who had died between March 26 and April 20 had been killed by the strikes. According to Yemen center for human rights reported poisonous gas has been used in some areas around Sana’a and Saddah, which caused some people not able to breathe; and report of miscarriage Nogom neighborhood. The illegal blockade is increasing people suffering despite of the international humanitarian assistants Yemen still needs basic antibiotics that is running low at AL-Thawrh hospital in Sana’a, the staff complaining that they haven’t received any delivery for weeks. The spiraling conflict has fuelled a humanitarian disaster in a country that was already suffering from shortages before the latest fighting erupted. The UN’s World Food Programme warned that a full 12 million people in the country did not know where their next meal was coming from, a 13 percent increase since the conflict escalated in late March. The agency said it was delivering food to more than 100,000 people sheltered around the southern port city of Aden. “But we are struggling to reach people because of deteriorating security,” a WFP statement said, adding that dire fuel shortages were also hampering the response. The food agency said it hoped to provide emergency food aid to 2.5 million people from May to July. It was difficult enough before, but now there are just no words for how bad it’s gotten,” Marie Claire Feghali, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), spokesperson. “It’s a catastrophe, a humanitarian catastrophe.” Fuel shortages were also preventing traders from moving food to market, the UN’s World Food Programme said. Fuel prices were as much as $10 per litre, and there was only enough to keep hospitals running for one more week and to prolong life-saving humanitarian operations for two weeks, the UN humanitarian agency OCHA said.

Aggression has also resulted the following

– Lack water and children suffer too much from lack of food and water.

– Food and material prices has increased or doubled, and many factories closed due to the absence of fuel.

 Nearly 12 million are unable to get their daily next meal .The blockade will lead to make the crisis worse because that the country import over 90% out of its needs of food from others, and experts warn that the complete crack in Yemen.

– We call the international humanitarian agencies to work together to assist with the humanitarian disaster which the Yemeni people facing and will get worsen if no urgent actions taken.

– Majority of hospitals and health centres the blood bank in AL-Thawrah hospital, the center of children medicine in Sa’awan, burning center in AL-Gomhori hospital, all hospitals and medical places in all republic’s governateshas been bombard by the Saudi Air strike, leaving thousands with basic medicine or treatment, we stress the urgent need for medical and medicine supply,

– We call the Human Rights council to investigate the gas attacks which been reported in number of areas in Yemen and to send mission of inquiry to also investigate the alleged usage of illegal weapons by the Saudi aggression .