S SALAM DHR is human rights organization based in London, and operating from different part of the world including Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Copenhagen, and Beirut. They are looking for an intern to assist with their work promoting human rights and democracy in Bahrain and the Gulf region.

As an intern, you will make a valuable contribution to our activities, including:

  • Closely monitoring human rights developments
  • Helping organize events 
  • Taking part in our advocacy work at the UK, EU, Gulf Region and UN level
  • Providing background research 

Ideal candidates would:

  • 1. Have a strong commitment to human rights and democracy 
  • 2. A strong interest in and knowledge of the region
  • 3. The post would start as soon as possible, and would suit someone for a period of two-three months.  
  • 4. You would be working from our office in London, or with coordination with our team in Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Copenhagen, and Beirut. There would also be a possibility of working remotely and online.

As the position is voluntary, the hours are flexible. We would ideally like someone for two or three days a week. We will pay for travel and lunch expenses.