Abuses against Women in Bahrain Khiam Center – BHRO: UN-HRC29, 15th June – 3rd July 2015, Geneva

Abuses against Women in Bahrain
Khiam Center – BHRO:
UN-HRC29, 15th June – 3rd July 2015, Geneva

– Today Oral intervention in #HRC29
by Jawad Fairooz, SALAM Chairman

The current wide and systematic abuses of women is unprecedented in the modern history of Bahrain since independence in 1971. Usually women were spared abuses in the previous ordeals due to special traditional consideration, but alas.

Since 14 Feb.2011 popular uprising women and have been targeted by the security forces and judiciary. This has been well documented by UN Special Rapporteurs, local and international Human Rights Organizationo.

Women in Bahrain have been unprecedently engaged in the popular movement of 14 Feb. for real reform, democracy, justice and human rights. Women constitute at least one third of the public in demonstrations and rallies. Women addressed the public for the first time and engaged actively in seminars, conferences and meetings. Notably women acquired bigger share in the leadership of in many independent civil societies. But in all cases , women as men engaged in peaceful protests and activities.

The Rule has no special regard for women , thus penalized unjustifiably and disproportionately on phony charges, for deeds that are legitimate according to The Constitution of Bahrain and international norms. Some women were shot or suffocated due to gas canisters. Several women have been injured due to pelleted bullets, used against protesters or police assaults during protests , house raids and violent interrogation.

Several women have been prosecuted, tried and sentenced on phony charges upon unfair trials.

Actually some have been threatened with rape or exposed to molesting and torture. Among those sentenced , in custody or waiting for appeal are:

1- Ms. Rayhana Almosawi serving 3 Y imprisonment. Almosawi testified before the court that she was stripped off cloth during Interrogation .

2- Ms. Nafesa Alasfoor , was arrested and sentenced with Ms. Rayhana Almosawi for the same charge

3- Fatima Makhlooq

4-Zhra Alshaikh, with her infant child with health problems

5- Jalila sayed Amin arrested in house dawn raid recently and still in custody

6- Taiba Darwish

7-Zaenab Abdulhade Alkhawaja

8- Ghada Jamsheer

9-Ms Maryam Abdulhadi Alkhawaja, HR activist and sister of Zaenab, who awaits trial in absentee