Attack on Bahrain photographers goes on

by: Helen Smith
Photographers continue to be fitted up for crimes they didn’t do, with confessions after torture. Then subjected to horrendous conditions in jail. Report from local contact in Bahrain.
– On March 23rd, 2015 Photographer Houssam Sroor (17 years) was sentenced 10 years imprisonment added to his other 10 years among a group of 10 men accused of importing weapons from outside Bahrain and attempting to murder a policemen.
– On March 24th, 2015 court session for photographer Ahmed Zain Eldeen and Photographer Mustapha Rabea, They are accused of bombing a “park,” – postponed till 16th April 2015.
– On March 24th, 2015 photographer Mustapha Rabea has another court session where he is accused of attacking a police car – postponed till April 26th.
– Family of photographer Ahmed Humaidan, sentenced 10 years in jail, haven’t heard anything from him since the clashes on 10th March in Jaw Prison. They are very worried as it’s 3 weeks now. 150 men kept in a tent with no facilities or toilets for two weeks and beaten three times a day.
– Photographer Hussain Hubail, sentenced 5 years in jail, called his mom and told her that he is kept, with others, in a tent out side the buildings at Jaw prison where its cold and they are not allowed to use the toilet. Hussain was tired as he needs special treatment for his blood pressure and his heart situation, and he collapsed two days ago. He was sent to Ministry of interior clinic, where they gave him pain killers but not the heart treatment he needs. Then returned to jaw prison.
Ahmed Moussawi who was tortured for six days goes to court today, if it’s not cancelled. He’s accused of supplying SIM cards to demonstrators
I know you are busy but this is a disgraceful human rights situation, supported by the U.K. Government. Can we do anything?