Bahrain: Singace continues defence of human rights whilst in prison

SALAM has obtained information on the current state of Professor Abduljalil Singace, Director of Human Rights at Bahrain’s Haq party, who has been on hunger strike in protest of degrading and inhuman treatment in Bahrain’s Jaw Prison since 21 March 2015. Singace is a quadriplegic, and is one of the 13 Bahraini political leaders that were imprisoned after the commencement of the popular uprising in Bahrain in 2011.
Singace first commenced a hunger strike to protest against the crackdown and torture of Jaw Prison detainees. This resulted in the Jordanian prison guards, who administer the prison complex, to restrict the conditions under which Singace and others live. As such, Singace opted to continue his hunger strike.
All 13 imprisoned figures, including Singace, are forcibly handcuffed when leaving their prison complex, have invasive body searches and forced to wear prison garb – which Singace along with Hassan Mushaima (President of Haq) have always refuse.
Singace is wheelchair-bound, his health has deteriorated and is regularly in hospital. His lawyer was prevented from visiting him a number of times. In addition, Singace’s family members have also been obstructed many times from visiting him. Note that Bahrain has signed the UN Statutes on Treatment of Prisoners.
Singace was first taken to the prison clinic on 31/3/2015 after he collapsed from the stress of the hunger strike. He was transferred to the BDF Military Hospital without notifying any of his family members. Singace managed to call his family to inform them that he was in hospital 3 days later. He is currently in Qalaa hospital. His family visited him on 6/4/2015.
Singace remains resolute and committed to the hunger strike until the degrading and inhuman treatment of the 13 revolution figures ceases.