Detention and Torture of Mohammed and Ali Fakhrawi Evidences Bahrain’s Systematic Practice of Torture and Vengeful Politics

SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights has followed closely the arrest, detention and prosecution of Bahraini citizens and twin brothers, Mohammed and Ali Fakhrawi.

Mohammed and Ali Fakhrawi were arrested on 18 September 2015, after a security officer issued orders, prior to public prosecution permission, to raid their mother’s house and carry out a search. No permission from the public prosecution was obtained, with Mohammed objecting to their entry until this has been acquired. The security personnel ignored this demand and proceeded to enter the property and confine Mohammed in a room, whereby witnessed and flagrant torture practices were carried out on him. Following this ordeal, all male individuals present in the house were arrested, along with Mohammed’s twin brother Ali, who was never wanted or summoned by security officials.

A trusted and confirmed source confided information to SALAM regarding the treatment of Mohammed and Ali Fakhrawi. Mohammed and Ali Fakhrawi endured the following treatment:

  • – Prevention from drinking water
  • – Restraining them from going to the toilet for long periods of time
  • – Sexual assault
  • – Evasive strip searches
  • – Immersion in cold water
  • – Exposing them to cold air

Further insight confirm that they were repeatedly targeted and hit in the head and genitalia, similar to the treatment experienced by their deceased uncle, Abdulkarim Fakhrawi, who died in custody following severe torture in April 2011.

The source also passes on a quote from Mohammed and Ali Fakhrawi who stated the following:

“We were put in solitary confinement for a long period of time. We were the only prisoners handcuffed for 70 days. At the beginning of the detention, we were handcuffed throughout, even during sleep, whilst eating, during prayer, and in the toilet. After a month, a prison official allowed the handcuffs to be removed during prayer, but immediately returns them when prayer ceases.”

SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights concludes, following close observation of this so-called “Social Gathering criminal cell” case, that it is wholly and completely motivated by vengeful politics. SALAM further notes that the vast majority of detainees were not even investigated or wanted, rather were rounded up in raids for simply being present in the property. Mohammed and Ali Fakhrawi were branded for charges that have yet to be confirmed in the courts, and had their pictures put up by the Ministry of Interior, accompanied by a statement on 6 January 2016. This again evidences the vengeful intent of the Bahraini security apparatus and further corroborates the existence of torture practices in Bahrain.

SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights demands that the case of the “Social Gathering criminal cell” be dropped immediately. Moreover, demands the release of the detainees along with a full investigation and prosecution of the security official that arrested Mohammed and Ali Fakhrawi – who exposed them to extreme torture practices and compromised their sentencing.

SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights

22 January 2016