Eleven French parliamentarians submitted questions to the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs on human rights violations in Bahrain in the space of a month

Paris, 21/10/2021 by Savine Gilibert.

Eleven French parliamentarians submitted questions to the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs on human rights violations in Bahrain in the space of a month.

While there had already been many questions asked this summer (seven in August in particular), French parliamentarians took advantage of their return to work in September by being numerous to submit questions on the worrying situation in Bahrain to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. . This shows the enormous interest of the representatives of the French people for human rights and for France’s foreign policy, which must be focused on respect for democracy and fundamental international standards.

The most recent (October 12, 2021) was submitted by Mr. Guillaume Garot, a member of the Socialist Party, who warns of persecution mainly targeting opposition political activists and human rights defenders. He denounces arbitrary arrests and unfair trials for criticizing the government. He also reports multiple acts of torture and mistreatment of political prisoners. (Question link: https://questions.assemblee-nationale.fr/q15/15-41849QE.htm  )

Ms. Isabelle Rauch, of the Republic in March party, calls on the fact that this affects opposition leaders as well as journalists and trade unionists.  (Question link:https://questions.assemblee-nationale.fr/q15/15-41226QE.htm)

Most parliamentarians recall the most well-known cases of mistreatment such as Dr. Abduljalil Alsingace, human rights defender , or Mr. Hasan Mushaima, main opponent of the 73-year-old regime, whose state of health is deteriorating due to the lack of care and without the government reacting. These stories are unfortunately not isolated in Bahrain. This is why Ms. Maud Gatel (among others) of the Mouvement Démocrate party, asks what France’s intentions are to obtain their release.  (Question link: https://questions.assemblee-nationale.fr/q15/15-41649QE.htm)

The Socialist deputy Mr. Gérard Leseul, raises in his question to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the case of Kameel Juma Hasan, a 17-year-old boy against whom 20 lawsuits have been filed because he and his mother, a former prisoner, refused to become government informants. (Question link: https://questions.assemblee-nationale.fr/q15/15-41224QE.htm)

Not to mention the health crisis which continues to prisons without any measures being taken with in particular a strong spread of the virus in the prison of Jaw as underlined by Mr. Dominique Potier, member of the socialist party.  (Question link: https://questions.assemblee-nationale.fr/q15/15-41228QE.htm) I

n addition, Mr. Christophe Lagarde drew the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the fact that the death penalty was still pronounced after unfair trials. He also alerted the situation of foreign workers and denounced sex trafficking. (Question link: https://questions.assemblee-nationale.fr/q15/15-41225QE.htm)

All of these questions shows that French parliamentarians are interested in France’s position on these various rights violations fundamental human rights by the Kingdom of Bahrain and want diplomatic actions to be currently underway to address these violations.

Salam DHR would like to thank Mr. Pierre-Yves Bournazel, Ms. Bérangère Poletti, Ms. Nathalie Sarles, Mr. Gérard Leseul, Mr. Dominique Potier, Mr. Jean -Christophe Lagarde, Ms. Isabelle Rauch, Mr. Christophe Jerretie, Mr. Michel Larive, Ms. Maud Gatel and Mr. Guillaume Garot for their support for human rights and democracy in Bahrain and implores the international community to continue supporting the people of Bahrain.