Nasser Al-Rass speech – Jawad Fairooz

First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude to all present in this event, and thank the organisers of setting it up.

Nasser Al-Rass was one of the greatest and most dedicated individuals of the human rights community, who was an honour to have supporting the Bahraini people in their plight for basic human rights and fundamental freedoms, and an asset to our endeavours to push for these principles.
Nasser’s dedication and works, despite his condition and horrific experiences, gave us all at SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights and the human rights community at large a renewed passion we have not felt with any other.
As a Canadian citizen of Kuwaiti origin, he did not hesitate to fight for human rights and freedom for Bahraini people, and was present at the dawn of their peaceful uprising in 2011. He was arrested and sentenced to jail, where he suffered significantly in the most inhuman and brutal ways, but his heart, full of courage and passion for defending human rights, never allowed him to step back.
On his release, Nasser did not let these experiences put him down, and immediately recommenced his human rights works, assisting us with our works here in SALAM, joining other human rights campaigns, becoming one of the biggest voices against Bahrain’s human rights abuses, and a key campaigner for freedom of people in Bahrain, and the world.
His return to education to expand his knowledge of human rights law, and his positive influence over peers show that Nasser was a light that will not be extinguished.
Right up to the point of his sad and untimely demise, Nasser was lending his voice to human rights activism, and present in campaigns despite his deteriorating health condition.
Throughout the time I knew him, Nasser was always an inspiration, hope, and light. Nasser Al-Rass will never be forgotten, and we hope that we, in the human rights community, can make him proud and continue his mission for peace, justice, and human rights for all!
Thank you for listening.