NGOs in an urgent appeal to International Community: Stop executions in Bahrain

NGOs in an urgent appeal to International Community:

Stop executions in Bahrain

The organizations that signed this appeal received very disturbing information from the families of the detainees and those sentenced to death, Ahmed Isa Ahmed al-Mellali and Ali Mohammad Ali Hakim al-Arab. They received a call from the Jaw prison administration on a special and urgent visit at noon today.

The families met and held the visit for a period of no more than one and a half hours, and the persons sentenced to death were not informed of the execution or not.

It is worth mentioning that on January 14, 2017, the families of those sentenced to death, Abbas al-Sami’a, Ali al-Singace and Sami Mushaima received calls in the same manner, without explaining the reason for the visit, and ended their execution at dawn the next day.

The signatory organizations have documented that the al-Mellali and al-Arab have been subjected to severe torture in Criminal Investigations Directorate, extracting confessions from them under torture, and receiving threats to liquidate their relatives if the confessions are not signed.

One of the following violations was the enforced disappearance and torture in the Criminal Investigation Directorate, the lack of access to a lawyer in the Public Prosecution or the detention Centers, been tortured and sexual harassed by officers of the Ministry of the Interior and National Security Authority.

Ali al-Arab was subjected to the following violations: torture and ill-treatment in the criminal investigation building, removal of his toenails, suspension and punching on the nose and mouth (hearing loss naturally), humiliated and humiliated when he was transferred to the dry dock and subjected to torture on 31 January 2018 After being arbitrarily sentenced to death and transferred to the central prison by the guards of building number one.

The human rights organizations signed on this statement express their deep concern and fear of the execution of the victims Ahmed al-Mellali and Ali al-Arab and affirm their strong opposition to the death penalty and call upon the international community, especially Bahrain’s international allies, the United Kingdom and the United States, and international human rights organizations to exercise maximum pressure on the King of Bahrain to stop execution and abolition of death sentences.

SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights
Bahrain Forum for Human Rights
Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights