Nigerian authorities must cease ethnic killings and urgently release Sheikh Zakzaky

SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights is following with severe concern the aggression displayed by the Nigerian army against Shia Muslims in Nigeria.
It has been reported that scores have been killed so far by aggressions carried out by the Nigerian Army, and video footages have emerged showing Sheikh Mohammed Mahmood Towra, deputy of Nigeria’s Islamic Movement (NIM), among the dead. Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, the movement leader, was seen injured and was arbitrarily arrested following serious injuries.
On 4/12/2015, an armed group entered the Nigerian village of Gabari, and opened fire in a Shia Muslims mosque, killing atleast 4 and injuring many others. Again, on 11/12/2015, in the same place, the armed group appeared and fired on praying Shia Muslims, killing 8 and injuring others.
A day after this attack, on 12/12/2015 at precisely 15:00pm local time, Nigerian police officials encircled Baqiyat Allah institution, a Shia Muslim religious centre in the city of Zaria. The centre was peacefully preparing for the celebrations of Prophet Muhammad’s birth, when it was violently attacked by the Nigerian army, culminating in a terrifying massacre of hundreds.
The Baqiyat Allah institution is a key Shia Muslim religious centre, and has been repeatedly attacked over the last two years. The latest attack on 12/12/2015 resulted in the killing of three of Sheikh Zakzaky’s sons, and the arbitrary and vicious arrest of Sheikh Zakzaky.
SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights condemns the ethnically oriented targeting and unlawful killing of Shia Muslims in Nigeria, and demands the swift release of all the prisoners, especially Sheikh Zakzaky. In addition, we urge for an independent commission to be formed, tasked with uncovering the truth behind these tragic series of events and to assist in expeditiously prosecuting the assailants.
SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights
21 December 2015