6 British Islamic Centres address an open letter to King of #Bahrain to release #Sheikh_Ali_Salman

We, the signatories, chairpersons and representatives of Islamic Organisations in the United Kingdom, write to you from an important and constructive Islamic perspective to offer advice for the public good and integrity.

The arrest of Sheikh Ali Salman who is known for advocating reformation, calling for constructive dialogue and his relentless effort in establishing foundations of justice and equity, has brought concern to the community. His moderate personality which encourages for a meaningful discourse and coexistence with others, working selflessly for his people and country is far removed from extremism and sectarian conflicts, deserves our full respect and appreciation. Other nations would take pride for having such a figure.

It is well known in all democratic systems and complementary constitutions that freedom of expression has been entrenched. A peaceful opposition is a part of the make-up of all strong democratic systems and is not a cause of weakness, rather strength. You, from your position, are best placed to realise that differences in visions and ideas should not be combated with violence and cruelty. Rather, it should be returned with kindness and care. These are the components of rule, with justice being a pinnacle of power. Only through justice and fairness will the ruler be heading in the right direction.

Commanding your security forces who arrested Sheikh Ali Salman to release him will ease the tension in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This will also help in narrowing the gap and initiating a serious dialogue that will unite the citizens and encourage national reconciliation. This will reflect prudence, wisdom and moderation, an embodiment of an ideal Muslim leader.

May God have the best of the nation in your hands.

Central Association of Sunni Muslims UK – Maulana Ahmed Nezar Beg Qadri

British Muslim Forum – Maulana Shahid Raza

Al-Khoei Foundation –
Sayed Saheb Al-Khoei

Majlis Ulama Shia (Europe) – Sayed Ali Reza Rizvi

World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League – Sayed Mohammad Al-Musawi

Dar al-Islam Foundation – Sheikh Hasan Al-Tureki

London, UK
Sunday 4 January 2015