Participants in the World Social Forum in Brazil are interested in #Coluds_of_Death campaign


More than 30 000 people joined the opening march of the World Social Forum (WSF) in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) the 13th of March. Then most of them joined the hundreds of assemblies, meetings, workshops of the Forum itself, in the Federal University of Bahia, from the 14th to he 19th. Most of the participants are young people, mainly from Salvador and other part of Brazil, with significant delegations from Latin America, North America and Western Europe, and smaller groups from Arab countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine…), West Africa and others…

The WSF is an occasion to raise the question of Brazil supply of tear gas canisters to Bahrain since 2011, the use by Bahraini authorities of tear-gas as fatal weapons and the demand to the Brazilian government to stop exportation of tear gas to Bahrein.

A “Bahrain spot” is organized on the campus, to give information signing the petition To Brazilian Government: “ Stop Exporting Tear Gas to Bahrain and GCC”. A place to discuss with NGOs, Human right organizations, peace movements, trade unions, etc. from Brazil and other countries. Meetings with Members of parliament, politicians, journalists, academics, are also taking place.

The point is going to be raised at the International Committee of the World Social Forum on Saturday 19th.