SALAM Addresses UN Special Rapporteur for Religion or Belief on The Targeting of Islamic Reciters In Bahrain

SALAM Addresses UN Special Rapporteur for Religion or Belief on The Targeting of Islamic Reciters In Bahrain
SALAM has followed with concern the issue of systematic discrimination of Shia Twelver Islamic reciters in Bahrain, and the continued detention of reciters in attempts to stifle religious expressions.
SALAM has documented 23 cases of systematic and discriminatory detentions or accusations against Islamic reciters, illustrating the continued effort by the Bahraini authorities to discriminate against the Shia sect in Bahrain.
Building on such, the UN Special Rapporteur on Religion or Belief was addressed and urged to push for the ceasing of such discriminatory politics and demand of the Bahraini authorities tocease all discriminatory treatments that are based on race, ethnicity, religion, sect, culture or tribal backgrounds.
SALAM Bahrain for Human Rights demonstrated to the Rapporteur the importance of the swift release of the reciters currently detained in prison, for the Bahraini authorities to take the necessary procedures to stop the discrimination of ShiaMuslims in Bahrain, and the necessity for the authorities to abide by the relevant international treaties and declarations.