SALAM: Arrest of former Bahraini MP, Sheikh Hasan Isa, illustrates the continuous practice of revenge and suppression of freedoms by the authorities

SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights has followed with considerable worry the case of Sheikh Hasan Isa, a Bahraini cleric and former Wefaq MP for Sitra Town, who has been arbitrarily arrested at Bahrain’s airport on 18 August 2015. He had just arrived at the airport with his family following a vacation when he was abruptly arrested.

It has been more than 48 hours since his arrest without a charge or a case being lodged. Sheikh Hasan Isa has been transferred to a criminal investigations centre, which are notoriously known as places of torture. This was conveyed by way of a quick call to one his family members informing them that he is at the centre. At time of writing, Sheikh Hasan Isa has not been provided with a lawyer nor has he been charged with any offence.

SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights has noted numerous and systematic targeting of political leaders, human rights activists, and former opposition MPs, who have been hounded, investigated, and prosecuted to criminalise their exercise of freedom of expression and opinion. The usual means of targeting carried out by the Bahraini authorities are executed through arbitrary arrests and torture, and fabrication of ungrounded and ambiguous charges, resulting in extreme punishments like stripping of nationality.

Former MPs that have been targeted include:
Sheikh Ali Salman
Osama Al-Tamimi
Khalil Marzooq
Sayed Jamil Kathem
Jawad Fairooz
Jalal Fairooz
Khalid Abdulaal
Majeed Alsabea

SALAM demands the immediate release of Sheikh Hasan Isa where there is no justification for his arrest and interrogation. This indicate the continuous policy of revenge and stifle freedoms of expression and legalised political terrorism.