SALAM: Bahraini child, Sayed Jafar Jawad, requires urgent assistance and swift release

SALAM: Bahraini child, Sayed Jafar Jawad, requires urgent assistance and swift release

The child Sayed Jafaar Jawad
The child Sayed Jafaar Jawad”
SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights was informed of the worrying situation of 16-year old Bahraini boy Sayed Jafar Jawad, following his arrest from his parent’s home on 26/06/2015.

Sayed Jafar is an only child living with his single mother and younger sisters, he is handicap and considered a special needs child that was born with a disfigurement. He operates using a prosthetic arm, and is a severe asthma sufferer.

Numerous masked security force personnel, some in civilian clothing, raided his parent’s house in early morning on 26/06/2015 and arrested him in front of his younger sisters and mother. His mother received a brief phone call from him telling her that he was fine, before the line cut. 6 days without knowing the health or whereabouts of Sayed Jafar elapsed before another phone call informed his mother that he has been transferred to Dry Dock prison.

The Bahraini authorities have accused Sayed Jafar of numerous politicized charges, with a public prosecutor reportedly unable to lodge arson charges on him, as he is physically unable to commit such a crime. Sayed Jafar’s medication have also been prevented from reaching him, has been barred from seeing his a dentist following recent issues with his teeth, and prevented from sitting his end of year exams. Sayed Jafar was detained for an additional 15 days, and his detention has been renewed for the third time on 23 July 2015.

SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights sees that the situation of Sayed Jafar Jawad is a prime example of the provocative violation committed against Bahraini children today. Bahraini children have been abused as means of seeking revenge, with no consideration for age or medical state. It is absolutely paramount that Sayed Jafar Jawad be released immediately along with more than 230 other children detained in Bahraini prisons and detention centres.