SALAM Communicates with International Community on the Latest Developments Regardingthe 31 Bahrainis Stripped of Their Bahraini Nationality

Bahrain SALAM for Human Rights has communicatedto political and legislative bodies, human rights organisations, media outlets and individuals in the international community to update them on the latest regarding the 31 Bahrainis that were stripped of their nationalities by the Bahraini authorities on 6th November 2012.
Within the letters sent, SALAM articulated the latest developments detailing facts and events that have lately been carried out concerning the unlawful decision, whichcontravenes internationally agreed standards. Previously, the 31 Bahrainis have endeavoured to communicate their case to the international community.
The letters expanded on the situation of Ibrahim Karimi, one of the 31, who tried to appeal his decision in Bahrain’s judicial system. His appeal was dismissed, andthe 31 will most likely have no alternative avenues to pursue in Bahrain’s court system, and will have to rely on the pressure mounted from the international community as a means to push for the reversal of the decision.
The letter also elaborated on the worrying situation of Al-Najati, one of the 31, who was forcibly exiled from Bahrain to Lebanon in April this year.
The final part of the letter referenced the recent calls by the department of Immigration and Passports to the remaining victims in Bahrain.