SALAM Conveys Worries to International Red Cross and Urges Them to Visit Blind Bahraini PrisonerJafar Matooq

SALAM Bahrain for Human Rights sent a letter to International Red Cross urging them to contact the Bahraini Government, meet Jafar Matooq aswell asfollow up his treatment.
Jafar Matooq is a 24-year-old blind Bahraini prisonerwho has been denied the opportunity to restore his vision abroad. The incident that lead to him losing his visionoccurred on 24/09/2013. He is currently serving a 10-year sentence in Bahrain. There are no reports or evidence that an investigation occurred prior to sentencing, with the sentence being passed while MrMatooq was being treated in hospital. Even before his latest injury to his eyes, he was previously subjected to torture and forced confessions where visible marks of injury were left on his body.