Salam for Democracy and Human Rights and My nationality is a right for me and my family Campaign launch: “Our right is not Patronage”

Salam for Democracy and Human Rights in partnership and cooperation with My nationality is a right for me and my family Campaign and the Collective for Research & Training on Development – Action” launched the advocacy campaign “Our right is not Patronage”, to demand the Lebanese state for immediate action in amending the Nationality Law to achieve full equality between women and men. 

The campaign was launched to answer questions starting from the date of enactment of the Nationality Law that falls within the “monuments” of Lebanon, and which is not even suitable for tourist viewing, as it was issued during the French mandate period since 1925 during the reign of General Sarail, the French High Commissioner at the time. Among the remnants of this “artifact” law is the deprivation of the children and spouses of Lebanese women of their right to obtain citizenship in the same way as the children and wives of Lebanese men.

The campaign moved to present the problematic of the fate of the draft laws aimed at amending the Nationality Law, considering that the problem is nothing but “political in the Lebanese way”, as two draft laws were presented to Parliament after the last parliamentary elections. The two proposals adopted the demands of My nationality is a Right for me and my family Campaign for full equality for women by adopting the principle of equality in law between women and men in granting citizenship.