SALAM Informs UN Secretary-General, Human Rights and Human Rights Organisations on Pressing Issues on Bahrain’s Elections

Bahrain SALAM for Human Rights has updated and informed the UN Secretary-General, High Commissioner’s office, 47 Human Rights Council Members and Human Rights Organisations regarding pressing issues before the upcoming Bahraini Elections on 22/11/2014.
Sentiments of boycott have been noticeable on social media sites and adopted by a number of Bahraini opposition political societies, prominent activists and Bahraini NGOs. The respected bodies were informed of the threats emanating from official Bahraini institutions, the benefits voters will exclusively enjoy, aswell as the odd requests for voting sent to excluded and deceased Bahrainis.
The common threats directed against non-voters include prevention from being hired in public service and governmental positions, striking off votes of voters that did not participate in the 2010 elections, and penalties.
On the flipside, an iPhone 6 competition has been created nationwide to only those voting, with the competition venue at the Bahrain University polling station.
Most bizarrely, documents requesting to vote signed by the Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Minister and chairman of the High Elections Committee, Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa, have been sent to Bahrainis that were stripped of their nationality in 2012, political detainees in prison, and deceased Bahrainis.
On 21/11/2014, demonstrators were attacked at close range with teargas from Bahraini security forces. All demonstrations and expressions have been barred for the last few months, which includes demonstrations regarding the boycotting of the upcoming election.