Salam Launch a Petition to not hand over Al Mahoozi

Bahrain Salam for Human Rights launched electronic petition, demanding the German Government not to hand over Mr Al Mahoozi to the Bahraini authorities.
Salam said that Mr Al mahoozi is innocent and his life is in real danger if German Government hand over him to Bahrain , it also call upon all activist to sign an electronic petition in this regard.
The petition
The arrest of Bahraini activist Abdulilah Al-Mahoozi by the German authorities as a result of baseless accusations against him by the Bahraini authorities, and a demand by the Bahraini authorities to extradite him to Bahrain, poses an extremely dangerous precedent. There are consistent reports against the Bahraini authorities of their relentless targeting of activists, extrajudicial killings and torture which have been noted and condemned by many in the international community. Handing over Mr Al-Mahoozi will in all likelihood cause him to be punished by an impartial and partisan judicial system in Bahrain, which the Bahraini authorities use as a weapon of suppression to silence the opposition and human rights activism.