SALAM: Medical Evidence Reveals the Cause of Death of Abdul Aziz Alabbar as a Result of Shotgun

SALAM: Medical Evidence Reveals the Cause of Death of Abdul Aziz Alabbar as a Result of Shotgun
SALAM has received a voice recording from a reliable source of the doctors who were involved in Alabbar’s treatment during the period where he was almost in a complete coma. In the recording, the doctors confirmed that the deceased had sustained shotgun metal pellets in the upper parts of his body that included the head and the shoulders, many penetrating deep beneath his skin. The doctors revealed that one piece entered the left orbit (eye); another one the frontal lobe above the eyes; whilst another the right temporal lobe of the brain. These injuries resulted in major brain damage and intracranial bleeding. The involved doctors also indicated that the shot was fired from a medium range of approximately two metres. The doctors also admitted that the heart and respiration of the deceased were initially all functioning normally.
The medical evidence clearly indicate that the main cause of death of Alabbar were the injuries he sustained as a result of a shotgun and not what was announced by governmental officials. Condemningly in the voice recording itself, one of the doctors stated that they are not permitted to announce or even mention in the report that the injuries sustained by Alabbar involved metal objects, confirming that the doctors were indeed barred by the government to confirm the real cause of death.
The circumstances of the incident which resulted in Alabbar being taken to hospital on the 23 February 2014 is that he was subjected to a direct tear gas canister hit to the face with shotgun pellets penetrating large parts of his body, ultimately resulting in him losing consciousness. This incident occurred in the concluding stages of the funeral of another decease, Sayed Ali Al-Musawi, in the town of Sar who passed away outside of Bahrain. Alabbar’s passing was reported on the 18 April 2014 after remaining in a coma for 56 days, and his body has yet to be given to his family for burial, 50 days after his death. With that, the real reason of his death remains omitted from his death certificate.
SALAM confirms that the deceased’s family have the right to know officially the true reason of his death, which should be reflected in his death certificate.
SALAM Bahrain for Human Rights
7th June 2014