SALAM reviewed the developments of stripping nationality and Jaw Prison events in Bahrain with UNHCR office in Lebanon

Jawad Fairooz – President of SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights met during his visit to Beirut last week with Nada Darwazeh, Human Rights Officer at the High Commissioner office for Human Rights for the Middle East where both discussed general human rights situation in Bahrain and stripping nationality case and the events that took place in Jaw prison.

During the meeting, Fairooz gave a summary for deprivation of citizenship and its latest development and how the authorities in Bahrain is using that to target scholars, politicians, human rights defenders, journalists and all citizens under the silence of the international community where the number of deprived citizenship reached so far to 138.

Fairooz, has urged UNHCR office to make further efforts to put pressure on the Bahrain authority to rescind this decision which is in contrary to international treaties and conventions and ratified by the government of Bahrain.

Moreover, during the meeting, both side discussed the situation in the Jaw prison and the recent events since March 10, 2015 where the prison authorities assaulted and tortured prisoners in various kinds of inhuman practices, whether physical or verbal. With great regret such disgraceful behaviour still continue!

The meeting concluded to stress the necessity of activating the Human Rights Council mechanisms to enforce human rights reform in Bahrain and the need to implement the Council’s recommendations issued in the month of May 2012 and take the appropriate positions of human rights bodies in the next session of the Council to stop these violations.