SALAM Sends Letters to David Cameron’s office and House of Commons to Add Bahrain as a ‘Country of Concern’

Bahrain SALAM for Human Rights sent letters addressed to the Mr. David Cameron UK Prime Minister office, House of Commons Speaker, and House of Commons Foreign Office Committee to push for the addition of Bahrain in the UK’s list of ‘countries of concern’.
SALAM explained in the letter that the House of Commons Foreign Committee stated last year in their fifth annual report regarding the UK’s relation with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, that if Bahrain doesn’t “show significant progress by the start of 2014” regarding its human rights situation then “the Government should designate Bahrain as a ‘country of concern’ in its Human Rights Report.”
SALAM further added that over 18 months later with international recommendations largely ignored by the Bahrain Government and torture reports continuing, 47 member states of the UN Human Rights Council signed a joint statement, where the UK is one of the signatories, branding Bahrain’s human rights situation as an “issue of serious concern”.
Bahrain SALAM urged in the letters that the UK Government adhere to the House of Commons Foreign Office Committees analysis of Bahrain’s human rights situation coupled with the signed UN Human Rights Council joint statement, and therefore add Bahrain to its list of ‘countries of concern’ following over a year of no tangible improvements. Also, informing the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, to ensure the addition of Bahrain in the list in the UK Government’s next Human Rights Report.