SALAM to UK Parties engaged in 2015 election: Future government must deal positively with human rights and democracy in Bahrain

SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights has reached out to the UK political parties involved in the general elections in May 2015, urging them to properly deal with Bahrain in the event any form the future government, with full consideration of the absence of democracy and human rights.

The letter stressed the disappointment in how the current government has continued its relationship with Bahrain despite its various breaches in democracy and human rights, reminding them how the Foreign Affairs Committee’s recommendation to put Bahrain on the UK’s list of countries of concern was wholly ignored.

The letter further elaborated on the widespread discontent felt when the UK strengthened its ties with the authorities in Bahrain during times of rampant human rights abuses.

SALAM’s report – Bahrain: a State of Human Rights Violation – which explains why the UK should put Bahrain on the list of countries of concern, was cited, attached and linked. The report elaborated in more detail the key reasons why Bahrain satisfies the requirements for a country that should be on the UK’s list of countries of concern. They are:
1. Absence of democracy
2. Complete disregard of human rights
3. Increase in frequency and degree of violations
4. Rejection of mechanisms prescribed by international human rights laws
5. Absence of an independent judiciary
6. Use of mercenaries and external armies
7. Ethnic marginalisation

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