SALAM Urges European Union Delegation to Bahrain to Examine Recent Human Rights Abuses

SALAM Bahrain for Human Rights has articulated a letter to the European Union Delegation that is to visit Bahrain as written by Al-Wasat Newspaper released today explaining that the Delegation is preparing for a visit.
The letter advises the Delegation to consider the cases of political prisoners tortured and killed in custody; inspect the stripping of nationality abuses carried out by the Bahraini authorities; communicate with the families of victims of torture and abuses; aswell as inspect the humanitarian cases of Hassan Alsheikh, Zahra Alsheikh and her prematurely born child.
The letter sought to bring to the attention of the Delegation the most prominent issues emanating from Bahrain regarding its human rights and political situation, and to provide key information and details regarding the dates certain issues occurred.  Dates included were the death of Hassan Alsheikh, the deportation order against the remaining 10 stripped Bahrainis, and the risks and worry expressed by Amnesty International lately.