SALAM Writes to UNICEF, Human Rights Organisations, and UN Special Rapporteurs Regarding Jihad Al-Samee a Bahraini Child’s Imprisonmen

Bahrain SALAM for Human Rights wrote a letter to UNICEF, Human Rights Organisations, and the UN Special Rapporteurs detailing the case of 11 year old, Jihad Al-Samee, who was sentenced to six months in prison.
The court session commenced on 17/07/2014 and lasted for two hours, with the judge, Ibrahim Al-Jifin, ignoring the child’s shock state, pleas, and his denial of the charges.
SALAM urged the organisations to contact the Bahraini authorities and push for the child’s release and the rest of the 461 children behind bars, whilst condemning this cruel treatment of a child by Bahrain’s judiciary. Knowing that Bahrain has both signed and ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child.