Serious concern for Fadhel Radhi Bahraini activist detained in Armenia

Human rights organizations signatories to this statement are following with severe concern the case of Bahraini activist, Fadhil Radhi, who was detained in Armenia following his escape from Bahrain after being sentenced to seven years in prison on political and arbitrary reasons.

Bahrain’s Criminal Police Department, an authority subject to the Bahraini authorities, issued a red warning to the International Criminal Police Organization, ICPC, culminating in the arrest of Mr. Radhi. The Bahraini authorities demanded that the ICPC take the necessary steps to extradite Mr. Radhi back to Bahrain.
Armenian police arrested Mr. Radhi and detained him at Yerevan Police Department, informing the ICPC and the Armenian General Prosecutor of his detention.
The signatory organizations of this statement assert that Bahrain has an abundantly clear history of detaining and sentencing activists, pegging unfounded charges on them, and extracting false confessions through severe torture and inhuman and degrading treatment. Numerous independent and international human rights organizations have confirmed that the Bahraini judiciary is significantly prejudice and has a repetitive habit of using its powers as a tool to suppress human rights and political citizens. Thus, charges and orders against Mr. Radhi emanating from the Bahraini judiciary should not be immediately accepted. We urge the Armenian authorities and ICPC to take this into consideration. Mr. Radhi and many other Bahrainis on the ICPC criminal list were put there by request of the Bahraini authorities after being pursued by the Bahraini judiciary in a fashion contrary to international standards. The Bahraini authorities have repeatedly pursued human rights, civil, and political activists internationally, and uses international agreements to assist it in this regard. We sincerely hope you do not to comply with the requests by Bahrain to extradite Mr. Radhi, without making sure there is a clear criminal case against him that came about through an impartial and independent judiciary that possesses capabilities to administer fair trials.
Signatory organisations:
1. Bahrain Forum for Human Rights
2. Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victim of Torture
3. International Council for fair trial and Human Rights
4. Arabic Committee for Human Rights
5. The European-Bahraini Organisation for Human Rights
6. Justice Human Rights Organization
7. The International Center for Supporting Rights and Freedoms
8. SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights
9. Human Rights and Democracy Media Center
10. Oman Center for Human pRights Studies
11. Aman Network for Rehabilitation and Dedefense of Human Rights