Take Action & Raise Your Voice to Stop Torture in Bahrain

Hassan Alshaikh was a Bahraini young man, aged 36 who was beaten to death in Bahrain Jaw jail. Two other prisoners were also tortured but survived. Hasan was weeping when he was put in solitary confinement with no treatment for his critical injuries and he died. Other prisoners heard his screams.
The autopsy showed a broken face, fractured skull, broken ribs and exploded kidney. He was half way through his 10 year prison sentence, a
serious man who studied the Koran and was tortured and abused. There is no evidence why he was attacked other than on the whim of the guards.
The Ministry of interior in a tweet said a man “convicted in a drug case” had died on 6th November 2014. No mention of torture. The authorities after a death in custody
always pretend it was a drug overdose. No prison officer has been held accountable to deaths of
prisoners by torture and torture is standard practice to b get confessions.
If possible, please raise the issue with your MP and the concerned parliamentary committee and write to your government to take action by condemn the systematic torture in Bahrain. This is the EIGHTH Bahraini who’s
died in police and prison custody since 2011. The British go out to advise and train the prison officers and police but nothing changes.
Unfortunately,This is the regime that some Western Governments supports and dares to pontificate about ISIS.