The Persecution of Shia Citizens in Bahrain

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In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.

The study of sectarian persecution and discrimination in Bahrain is a taunting process, given the dark patches woven into its history, staining its memory throughout the ages, eventually taking over everything else. This report discusses the cultural and religious history of Bahrain, which was distinguished by being an urban habitat for a stable agricultural, marine, and commercial community. Sitting astride the significant shipping lane of the Arabian Gulf, as opposed to the neighboring deserts, Bahrain became a destination for immigrants flocking from different regions of the Gulf, and even beyond.

It further explores the fact that Bahrain was a haven for various religions since the ancient times, where the followers of the three religions of “Islam, Christianity and Judaism” coexisted with the adherents of other religions in harmony and love. The report also highlights that Bahrain adopted Islam voluntarily and embraced the Shiite doctrine since antiquity, contrary to the politically-motivated attempts to promote that the existence of Shia in the country is new.

The discrimination and persecution against the majority population of the indigenous people, who belong to the Shiite sect and who are known as Baharna, is a consequence of the political backwardness of the governing regime and its bigoted practices and conduct, which has taken various forms throughout history.

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