Third Bahrain Forum and SALAM DHR Update: No Transparency by Authorities over Number of Infected Detainee Cases, and 24 Summonses issued in the Last 2 Days

Third Bahrain Forum and SALAM DHR Update: No Transparency by Authorities over Number of Infected Detainee Cases, and 24 Summonses issued in the Last 2 Days

In their third update on the condition of prisoners infected with COVID-19, the Bahrain Forum for Human Rights and SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights note a further increase in the number of documented cases. According to the testimonies of the families, the number of infected cases, as of April 8th, has reached 78 cases. Meanwhile, in the past two days, security forces have summoned a number of citizens due to their exercising the right of peaceful assembly to demand the release of the detainees. They were released today.

The two organizations have indicated that the information received regarding the number of cases infected with COVID-19 is much larger than the number publicly announced. The remaining names of the infected cases have been unobtainable, however; the statement issued by the General Directorate of Reformation and Rehabilitation regarding the health status of the detainees infected with COVID-19 did not contain any detailed information regarding the real number of infected cases and contact tracing. This has raised more concerns for the families of the detainees due to a lack of confidence in the Bahraini Ministry of Interior.

Amidst their calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience, the two organizations also call for the allowance of visits to the prisons and inspections by human rights organizations due to a lack of confidence in the data issued by official authorities. 

249 Peaceful Protests in 44 Areas in Bahrain since the 28th of March

A total of 249 peaceful protests have been organized and spread across the country since March 28. 87 demonstrations and 162 protests were spread across 44 Bahraini areas: Abu Subai’, Abu Quwah, Eskan Al ‘Aali, Eskan Salmabad, Bilad Al-Qadeem, AlNabih Salih, Al-Janabiyah, Al-Diraz, Al-Dair, Al-Daih, Al-Sanabis, Al-Shakhurah, Al-Qadam, Al-Kawarah, Al-Malikiya, Al-Markh, Al-Musalla, Al-Ma’ameer, Al-Maqsha’, Al-Manama, Al-Na’eem, Al-Nuwaidrat, Al-Hamala, Barbar, Bani Jamra, Buri, Tubli, Jid Hafs, Jid Ali, Dar Kulaib, Damistan, Ras Rumman, Saar, Sitra, Salmabad, Samaheej, Sanad, Shahrakkan, A’ali, Karranah, Karbabad, Karzakkan, Maqaba, Al-‘Eker.

24 Summonses in Two Days and the Detainment of 5 Citizens 

Between April 7 and April 6, 24 Bahraini citizens were summoned against Khalifa to exercise the right of peaceful assembly to demand the release of prisoners, and some of them reported forcing them to sign a pledge not to demonstrate peacefully, and the summons took place in the following centers: (13) cases in a police station Hamad Town (17th roundabout), (1) case in Al-Maared Police Station, (10) cases in Samaheej Police Station.

Between the 6th and 7th of April, 24 Bahraini citizens were served with summonses due to exercising the right of peaceful assembly to demand the release of the prisoners. Some of the summoned have reported signing statements under duress, pledging not to demonstrated peacefully. The summonses occurred in the following centers: 13 cases in Hamad Town (17th Roundabout) police station, 1 case in Al-Ma’aridh police station, and 10 cases in Samaheej police station.

The following were arrested: Professor Ali Muhanna (father of a prisoner of conscience), Mr. Saeed Issa Hussain (the father of Mr. Hashem, who was a victim of extrajudicial killing), and three brothers of prisoner of conscience Muhammad Hamid al-Daqqaq (suffering from severe diabetes) and they are: (Yunus, Anwar, Yasser), and they were later released on April 08.

The following citizens were detained: Ali Al-Muhanna (the father of a prisoner of conscience), Sayyid Sa’id ‘Eissa Hussein (the father of Hashem, a victim of extrajudicial killing), and Yunis, Anwar, and Yasser, the three brothers of Muhammed Hameed Al-Daqaq, a prisoner of conscience suffering from severe diabetes. The three siblings were released on the 8th of April.

Latest Development on the Case of the Detainee, Muhammed Abd al-Hassan Habib Yusef (30 years old), who was sentenced to 17 years on the Charge of Political Crimes

On April 5, 2021, Muhammed was transferred to the Salmaniya Medical Complex after his fellow inmates engaged in a hunger strike due to the deliberate negligence committed by the administration of Jau Central Prison. Muhammed, who was transferred to the hospital without his family’s knowledge, was visited by his family to check on his health condition after a fellow cellmate informed his family of the transfer. According to his family, Muhammed had a high temperature that was no less than 39°C. He had remained in this condition in prison for 9 days and was prescribed medication ill-fitting to his case which led to acidity in his blood and the accumulation of bacteria in the lungs.

As soon as Muhammed was admitted to the Resuscitation Department at Salmaniya Hospital, his whole placed under sedation until the time of writing. Muhammed remained in the Resuscitation Department for three days until he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit on the 8th of April. Muhammed is still under artificial respiration.

Muhammed suffered from malnutrition and deliberate medical negligence despite the knowledge of both the prison administration and the prison clinic of his chronic disease ailments (diabetes and blood pressure) and he has not received the necessary medical care. 

The Death of the Torture Victim Abbas Mal Allah: Medical Negligence and the Necessity of an Independent Investigation

In light of the continuing concern of the prisoners’ families, the Public Administration for Reform and Rehabilitation at the Bahraini Ministry of Interior announced on April 06 the death of prisoner of conscience and one of the victims of torture, Abbas Hassan Ali Mal Allah (50 years), after the delay of medical aid in rescuing him, which proves medical negligence The information received from inside the prison, and we stress here the importance of an independent investigation to investigate the facts of the death.

In light of the continuing concern of the prisoners’ families, the General Directorate of Reformation and Rehabilitation in the Bahraini Ministry of Interior announced on the 6th of April the death of the prisoner of conscience and victim of torture, Abbas Hassan Ali Mal Allah (aged 50). His death followed the delay of medical aid deliverance, proving the culpability of medical negligence, according to information received from inside the prison. We emphasize the importance of an independent investigation to examine the facts of the death. 

Abbas Mal Allah’s family had previously conveyed their concern over his health: in an old statement released in the Bahraini Wasat newspaper (Issue 3481, Sunday, March 18, 2012), they had stated his need for special medical care as a result of being hit in the body with a shotgun bullet. His brother, Abdul-Shaheed, said “Abbas is 37 years old, married and has 3 children. He suffers from colon problems and stomach ulcers and has complained of not receiving the necessary treatment and medical care during his detention. Additionally, he suffers from severe pain in his lower back down to his legs because of the shotgun that was fired at him from a close range during his arrest. He also suffers from bruises on the face and chest due to the beating to which he is subjected. He was unconscious and remained in the Intensive Care Unit for more than a week. 

Prisoners of Conscience Infected with COVID-19




Testing Date

1 Hani Ahmed Eissa Marhoun Al-Sanabis 22-Mar-2021
2 Nasser Ya’aqoub Yusef Nasser Adhari 23-Mar-2021
3 Fadhel Muhammed Ridha Ali Hassan Ibrahim Baddah Sitra – AlQaryah 23-Mar-2021
4 Hussein Sa’id Ibrahim Hassan Ali Sitra 23-Mar-2021
5 Sami Ja’afer Abbas Muhammed Ali Al-Sheikh Al-Ma’ameer 23-Mar-2021
6 Muhammed Abdullah Yusef Ahmed Al-Sanikis Al-Sanabis 23-Mar-2021
7 Sayed Ali Mousa Ja’afer Alawi Hussein Al-Diraz 23-Mar-2021
8 Ahmed Ja’afer Al’ajouz Al Nuwaidrat 23-Mar-2021
9 Ahmed Muhammed Saleh Jassem Hassan Ali Bani Jamra 24-Mar-2021
10 Sayed Mahmoud Sharaf Sanad 24-Mar-2021
11 Mujtabba Sadeq Hassan Ali Abdullah Eissa Abu Quwah 24-Mar-2021
12 Abdulaziz Ja’afer Abdulaziz Ahmed Jawad Barbar 24-Mar-2021
13 Sayed Ahmed Alawi Jawad Mahfouz Ali Al-Shakhurah 24-Mar-2021
14 Hassan Jawad Al-Mikhawdher Al-Sanabis 25-Mar-2021
15 Nuh Abdullah Hassan Ahmed Hassan Al-Amroum A’ali 25-Mar-2021
16 Ali Abbas Hassan Ali Ahmed 


Al-Diraz 25-Mar-2021
17 Abdullah Muhammed Ali Abdullah Qassim Abu Subai’ 26-Mar-2021
18 Sayed Qassim Jalil Ali Al-Dair 26-Mar-2021
19 Sayed Nizar Ni’ma Baqer Ali Yusef Al-Wada’i A’ali 26-Mar-2021
20 Hadi Ibrahim Muhammed Amin Ibrahim Al-‘Arab Bani Jamra 26-Mar-2021
21 Muhammed Ja’afer Talebb Ja’afer Abdullah Al-Ghisrah Bani Jamra 26-Mar-2021
22 Khalil Ibrahim Abdalrasool Abdullah Al-Diraz 26-Mar-2021
23 Nasser Faisal Al-Naboul Sitra 26-Mar-2021
24 Ali Furaikh A’ali 26-Mar-2021
25 Mansour Abdulaziz Al-Nasri A’ali 26-Mar-2021
26 Ali Ahmed Ja’afer Ahmed Laith Dar Kulaib 26-Mar-2021
27 Mustafa Abdulkareem Ibrahim Ali Hassan Khatem Karzakkan 26-Mar-2021
28 Sayed Ahmed Ali Al-Shakhurah 26-Mar-2021
29 Ahmed Humeidan Sitra 27-Mar-2021
30 Hussein Yunis Ahmed  Sanad 23-Mar-2021
31 Abduljabbar Abdulhussein  Tubli 28-Mar-2021
32 Abbas Ibrahim Hassan Al-Majed Damistan 24-Mar-2021
33 Hussein Ali Saleh Al-Marzouq Al-Diraz 28-Mar-2021
34 Ahmed Ali Yusef Jassem Al-Saegh Abu Subai’ 26-Mar-2021
35 Sadeq Abdullah al-Ithna’ashar Al-Diraz 28-Mar-2021
36 Mazen Mansour Ahmed Hassan Al-Wenna Sitra – Al-Qaryah 27-Mar-2021
37 Abbas Ahmed Khamees Ahmed Al-Nuwaidrat 27-Mar-2021
38 Ahmed Jaber Redhi 28-Mar-2021
39 Ja’afer Muhammed Ali Thamer Dar Kulaib 28-Mar-2021
40 Muhammed Ahmed Ali Ahmed Fakhrawi Al-Manama 27-Mar-2021
41 ‘Adel Ahmed Ali Saleh Hamad Town 26-Mar-2021
42 Ahmed Ali Alsheikh Hassan Sitra 28-Mar-2021
43 Muhammed Ali Abdullah Ahmed Nas 26-Mar-2021
44 Muhammed Hassan Sahlan Al ‘Eker 28-Mar-2021
45 Sayed Hassan Shabber Tubli 28-Mar-2021
46 Abdulzahra’a Abdulkareem Yaseen A’ali 27-Mar-2021
47 Sadeq Muhammed Ja’afer Al-‘Eker 28-Mar-2021
48 Jawad Mirza Al-Dirazi Al-Diraz 28-Mar-2021
49 Sadeq Abd Ali Al-‘Asfour Sitra – Abu Al’eish 27-Mar-2021
50 Fadhel Ja’afer Rubai’i Al-Daih 27-Mar-2021
51 Nidhal Abdulaziz Jid Hafs 28-Mar-2021
52 Hassan Abdulhussein 


Al-Diraz 28-Mar-2021
53 Salman Ali Salman Kadhim Karzakkan 28-Mar-2021
54 Hassan Abdulhadi Al-Mikhreq Al-Manama 28-Mar-2021
55 Sheikh Hassan ‘Eissa Hassan Muhammed Al-Marzouq Sitra – Wadiyan 28-Mar-2021
56 Abdullah Hassan Ali Al-Sanabis 28-Mar-2021
57 Abbas Hassan Ali Al-Sitri Al Nuwaidrat 30-Mar-2021
58 Hussein Ja’afer Abdalrasool Al-‘Eker 30-Mar-2021
59 Muhammed Salih Al-Hakeem Shahrakkan 30-Mar-2021
60 Mahmoud Mehdi Surour Al-Diraz 30-Mar-2021
61 Abdulshaheed Ahmed Ali AlSheikh Hussein Al Nuwaidrat 29-Mar-2021
62 Muhammed Habeeb Hassan Shahrakkan 31-Mar-2021
63 Hussein Al-Hakeem Shahrakkan 31-Mar-2021
64 Hussein Ali Al-Fardan Saar 31-Mar-2021
65 Qassim Abdulameer Sitra 28-Mar-2021
66 Abbas Mansouri Al-Manama 31-Mar-2021
67 Hassan Ali Shahdad Eskan Salmabad 30-Mar-2021
68 Hussein Hassan Muhammed Salman Ahmed Al-Sari A’ali 25-Mar-2021
69 Muhammed Hassan Yusef 31-Mar-2021
70 Abdulwahid Jameel Al-Ghanimi Bani Jamra 26-Mar-2021
71 Ali ‘Attiya Mehdi Shamlool Sitra – Al Qaryah 25-Mar-2021
72 ‘Eissa Ahmed Ras Rumman 2-Apr-2021
73 Muhammed Mirza Kadhim Karranah 2-Apr-2021
74 Muhammed ‘Attiya Maqaba 7-Apr-2021
75 Ali Fardan Ali Shahrakkan 7-Apr-2021
76 Hussein Muhammed Ahmed Makki Damistan 7-Apr-2021
77 Muhammed Hassan Badau Al-Diraz 7-Apr-2021
78 Muhammed Nuh ‘Eissa Al’Sa’id Al-Ma’ameer 8-Apr-2021