Urgent appeal to prevent execution of Bahraini protesters


10th March 2014
SALAM for Human Rights is extremely concerned about Bahrain’s authorities call for death penalty against four youngsters who were accused to have taken part in an attack that killed three policemen in Bahrain this month. The public prosecution service has ordered on Sunday Sami Mirza Ahmed Mushaima, Abbas JamilTahirAlsameea, Ali Mohammed JamilTaherAlsameea and Yusuf Ahmed Mohammed TaherAlsameea to face the death penalty if convicted.
Two other Bahrainis are already on the role to the death penalty. Ali Al Taweel, was sentenced to death on 29th September 2011 having been accused of running over apoliceman by crashing his car into him on 15th March 2011, and last month a second Bahraini, Mahir Abbas Al Khabaaz, from Sihla village was sentenced to the death on 19th February 2014. Both men are awaiting execution.
SALAM is concerned about the escalating tension in Bahrain which may encourage the Bahrain Government to expedite the execution these citizens and set a precedent to sentence more protesters to the harshest sentence. SALAM believes that Al Taweel and Al Khabaaz are victims of grave injustices since both victims were sentenced according to confessions extracted under torture and the prosecution revealed many inconsistencies in the cases in a judicial system which has become highly politicised.
SALAM is concerned that the international community has not voiced concern about the use of the death penalty in these cases, and have not called for its revocation. Executing these citizens will incite a strong and likely violent reaction in Bahrain which will further destabilise the country and set-back any political dialogue.
SALAM calls for individuals and NGOs across the world to put pressure on their governments to intervene and persuade the Bahrain Government to recall the death penalties and ensure that these detainees receive a fair trial.
Bahrain SALAM for Human Rights