Salam DHR Releases Annual Report – Major Expansion

London, United Kingdom

Salam for Democracy and Human Rights has released its annual report of activities and publications for 2021, highlighting its third consecutive year of growth in activism, human rights reporting and training of human rights defenders. Salam DHR once again raised its outputs, having published 11 major human rights reports, including Decade of Oppression: Authoritarianism in Bahrain 2011-2021, which was quoted Le Monde Diplomatique. It also held 8 major events, and training 15 human rights interns. It also entered a partnership with the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED) and continued collaborating with human rights organisations around the world.
In 2021, Salam DHR focussed on recruitment from high-end recruitment from the United States and Ireland. The interns, which were recruited from the Colombia University, the University of Dublin, and the London School of Economics. Most of the interns are international students pursuing degrees in Middle East Studies, Politics, and International Relations. According to human rights defender Tara O’Grady, the successes of their appeals and campaigning with Salam DHR in 2021 was ‘Nothing less than outstanding.’
Andrew McIntosh, Salam DHR’s director of research and primary supervisor of intern training commented that, ‘We’ve been fortunate to experience significant growth and hold ourselves to an increasingly high standard, but this is only the beginning. Higher quality research, professional internships and high impact engagement with the UK, EU and US government is our primary goal and we will continue achieving it and making a difference on a political and personal level.’

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